Game Design I


This is my first analog game creation for my class project in Game Design I. it is a strategy board game called The Adventure of Doctor Whodis.The rules are simple. This is a 2 player turn based strategy game based on the adventures of Dr. Whodis, a time captain who protects time from being manipulated by the evil Garleks by using his fantastic red box spaceship known as the L.A.R.D.I.S (Lifetime And Relative Dimension In Space.) one player controls the good doctor and is trying to navigate him to the center of the map where his trusty LARDIS is located so he can make a daring escape. The other player controls two of the evil Garleks attempting to thwart the doctor’s escape by exterminating him. Each turn one player can move as many spaces they see fit in one direction. The player controlling the Garleks can only move one of his characters at a time. The game ends when either the Garleks make contact with the Doctor or the Doctor makes contact with his LARDIS.

-Here is my final Game Design Document(GDD) wehking_josh_gamedesign1final

-Here are some images of my final version turned in for a grade, which I received an A+ on for the course