Game Prototypes

Frikin The Laser Shark

Full Sail University Capstone Project.

2D underwater bullet hell game with heavy inspiration from the 2d platformer water levels of Donkey Kong Country mixed with Cuphead and Enter The Gungeon level of difficulty for bosses and combat. This game was made with Unity 2017.4.2f2. All code was written in C#. Our source control was handled with Perforce 2015.1.

  • Team Lead
  •  The original creator of the game.
  • Recruited team 7 Game designers for the capstone project.
  • This game is my original pitch that was selected by a team of 7 game designers as the capstone project for our degree program.
  • The game is planned for Steam release in February 2019.
  • Primary roles Lead Designer, Programming, Level Balancing, Quality Assurance.
  • I created several dozen C# scripts for this project.
  • Vigorously tested, noted, and balanced all issues I encountered.
  • Any issues I could not accomplish myself, I listed in a HacknPlan Document that the entire team used to stay on task,
  • We used Scrum to keep everyone on task for the project.
  • Link to Dropbox with the latest build of the game that is kept for playtesting and has our latest iteration of our Game Design Document.
  • We intend to polish this game to a finished product to publish on Steam and Xbox Live Creators Progam.

Emotional Wars

Here is the final build for a project I worked on with one teammate for our Game Design II course at Full Sail University. we were tasked with creating a game in under a month for a game jam. Jon Parrott, my partner and I did all of the coding, level design, and asset creation. the only thing we did not create ourselves was the music used, which is public domain music we referenced on our credits page.

We intend to come back to this project after graduation in August 2018 to polish this game to a finished product to put on steam.