Level Design

June 2017

The Gold Version of the level I made for the game SCRAPS at Full Sail University. We were placed in teams of 6 and had to combine our areas into one larger level. my final grade for it was a 91



April 2017

This is the final project for my Level Design course at Full Sail University. A fully playable version of my level for the game SCRAPS.


April 2017

This is my Block-out alpha of the level I am building for the game SCRAPS at Full Sail University.

April 2017

Test build for Level Design class at full sail university. our objective was to make an island with certain parameters for size and that a had a path a player could walk up with objective trigger zones.

February 2017

Here is a level layout map I designed for the game SCRAPS.


I was tasked with recreating a scene from a picture given by the instructor in Unity using only the textures and decals provided.